Culture Shock - City Lights
A music video for Culture Shock I worked on while at MIE, as a 3D artist. From the beginning the my role was to create and adapt the assets used throughout the video. 

The main character was built from a rigged model with the details of the body removed or softened to appear more as a flight suit. The final look of the flight suit was made by creating several UV maps in particular two displacement maps, one with broad definitions which was used by a displace deformer add bulk to the character, and a second displacement map added the finer details of the suit. Beauty and specular UVs contribute to the effect of a suit made of up several materials.
Each shot was animated and rendered separately along with the necessary passes and then handed over to the compositors, who would grade the footage and add the backgrounds.
A lot people will recognize the City Kit Rig from Greyscalegorrila. For these shots it was my task to alter and edit the rig so that specific buildings appeared in frame. I also created a "Hero Building" which the main character orbits during her descent.
The plunging glow shot was achieved by using the character model as an emitter for a Thinking Particles setup. The particles were then rendered as spheres which interact with the model as it falls.

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